"My Grandparents live paycheck to paycheck and being retired that's not enough for them to live on. I found First Funeral Planning through a friend that was happy with their services so I recommended it to my family. First Funeral Planning made the entire process easy and explained everything in detail. We couldn't be more happy and we're glad that it's not something that my Grandparents have to ever worry about."

Kathy Chapman, Customer

"I partnered with First Funeral Planning back in 2008 and couldn't be happier with their products and support. I know my customers are in good hands and the products are an excellent value."

John Edmonds, Agent

"I want to thank First Funeral Planning for helping me secure both my late husband's funeral expenses and my own. Without First Funeral Planning I know things would have been much harder on me and my family after Michael passed away. I wouldn't want that for my family after I pass, so I'm very glad to have that peace of mind."

Ms. Silvia Marshal, Customer

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