When my grandmother got sick, my family really didn’t know how we were going to pay for her medical bills, let alone an eventual funeral. I had never heard of final life expense insurance. We were grieving that she would soon be leaving us, and completely stressed out on top of it – even fighting with one another at a time when we should have been consoling each other. I found First Funeral Planning and they were able to answer all of our questions, and help us through the process. When my grandmother passed away a year later, I was able to grieve appropriately knowing that First Funeral Planning had everything covered.

Joseph Ramirez


My Grandparents live paycheck to paycheck and being retired that’s not enough for them to live on. I found First Funeral Planning through a friend that was happy with their services so I recommended it to my family. First Funeral Planning made the entire process easy and explained everything in detail. We couldn’t be more happy and we’re glad that it’s not something that my Grandparents have to ever worry about.

Kathy Chapman


When my father was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, the world was crashing around me. FFP was recommended by a close friend and suddenly, there was a weight off my shoulders. All of a sudden there was a plan and a team behind me, making sure everything was covered – without taking advantage of our lack of knowledge in funeral planning. I now tell everyone I know about First Funeral Planning.

Clarissa Smith


I partnered with First Funeral Planning back in 2008 and couldn’t be happier with their products and support. I know my customers are in good hands and the products are an excellent value.

John Edmonds


I want to thank First Funeral Planning for helping me secure both my late husband’s funeral expenses and my own. Without First Funeral Planning I know things would have been much harder on me and my family after Michael passed away. I wouldn’t want that for my family after I pass, so I’m very glad to have that peace of mind.

Ms. Silvia Marshal